Haute Sauce Catalog (8.5 × 11 in)-6
Tropical Mintz Disposable Vape Pen

Total CANN: 82.75% | THC: 80.26% | CBD: 0.08%

This sativa-dominant strain is tangy, potent, and here for a good time. Sweet tropical notes and flavors of lemon, pine and fuel flood the senses and leave you feeling like you’re kicking it on a beach with your favorite drink and soaking up the warm sunshine. This power house live rosin gives an upbeat, cerebral high with an energized euphoric effect. Let our Tropical Mintz Live Rosin take you on that mini vacay you deserve!

Haute Sauce Catalog (8.5 × 11 in)-6
gmo Disposable Vape Pen

Total CANN: 84.87% | THC: 81.66% | CBD: 0.00%

GMO is an indica-dominant strain grown by crossing everyone’s favorite, Girl Scout Cookies and bred with the also popular Chemdawg. The skunky aroma and knockout hit of the heavy hitting terps in this strain will give you that heavy out-of-body kind of vibe.

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Strawberry OG – 100% Solventless Ice Water HASH

Total CANN: 70.10% | THC: 70.1% | CBD: 0.22%

Grown by Utopia Farms, our Strawberry OG Water Hash is the most refreshing and euphoric water hash we’ve crafted. These 35x award winning growers harvested some of the best Skywalker OG x Bruce Banner OG Kush and Strawberry Banana we have seen. Our Strawberry OG is full of sweet notes with a kick of savory Skywalker OG gas at the end. This hybrid strain blends the upbeat sedation of Skywalker OG with Bruce Banner’s OG Kush body and Strawberry Banana euphoria to create a hybrid wonder of physical and mental effects. Anticipate a euphoric and relaxing aura that does deter physical activity, but unleashes the mind, offering a spacey, creative tint to everyday hobbies.

Haute Sauce Catalog (8.5 × 11 in)
100% Solventless Live Rosin

Total CANN: 80.70% | THC: 74.35% | CBD: 0.14%

Rozay is an award-winning strain that is known for its sweet aroma and heavy resin production. This strain originates from the infamous Zkittlez strain. This indica-dominant hybrid strain has sweet wine and floral notes that fill your head with happy thoughts! Kick your shoes off and exhale the day away. Indulge in this sweet hit and let the happy body buzz melt it all away!

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Cream & Sugar
100% Solventless Live Rosin

Total CANN: 77.63% | THC: 75.34% | CBD: 0.14%

Our Cream & Sugar live rosin is a silky, sweet and heavy indica. Coming from an exceptional cross between Tina and Cookies & Cream; this sweet and gassy mix is an absolute home run for an indica lover.

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Strawberry Banana 100% Solventless Live Rosin

THC: 82.75%
CBD: 0.18%

Our first press Strawberry Banana Live Rosin is sweet, gassy, and strong! Strawberry Banana offers effects that are long lasting and is full of aromatic terpenes. These frosty buds offer an uplifting mood, a sense of relaxation, and can even help with anxiety. We recommend this heavy hitter for catching up on some much needed relaxation or to destress after a hectic day.

Haute Sauce - Lil Hauties - Lemon Snow Lotus - Transparent
Lil Hauties Lemon x Snow Lotus

Total CANN: 37.00% | THC: 31.84% | CBD: 0.13%

More info coming soon! Check back later.

meduza nug

Total CANN: 37.39% | THC: 31.40% | CBD: 0.00%

Meduza mixes smooth, sweet flavors with an earthy aroma of fresh blueberries to create a compelling hybrid. This hybrid strain provides a strong mix of sedating body effects with balanced and clear cerebral activity. Medical consumers appreciate Meduza’s ability to combat sleep issues and body pains.

buddha hands nug
Buddha Hands

Total CANN: 29.39% | THC: 25.42% | CBD: 0.10%

Buddha Hands is a balanced hybrid strain cross of Lemon Thai and Snow Lotus brought together to create an aroma profile of sweet citrus and hint of fruit, with a lemon floral pallet. Buddha’s Hand may produce an upfront euphoric uplift that mellows out into a blissful body buzz.

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