Formula 1 Delta-8 Disposable


A cross of Black Lime #9 and Testarossa results in a complex flavor profile of guava, grape and passionfruit with a diesel base. The name comes from the fast-acting effects that slam into you like a Formula 1 race car–giving you a sense of energetic euphoria and creativity, with a physically relaxed sensation.




  • Disposable Vape Bar with an ergonomic mouthpiece for a sleek look and a convenient Micro-USB Charging Port
  • Only high-quality Delta-8 THC used – lab Tested at 94% and up

We craft our Delta-8 disposable vape bars with potent Delta-8 THC which is independently lab tested at 94% and above. We then add pure THC-O for a hard hitting boost. For the cherry on top, we formulate the best blend of strain-specific terpenes that give enticing flavor and endless benefits. Our sleek vape pen has an ergonomic mouthpiece, convenient micro-USB charging port and provides unparalleled, reliable performance with an exquisite smooth taste.


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